Monday, February 8, 2010

Chapter 18: Questions

1.Why does the DOA security guard get annoyed with Percy?
Because Percy thought he was Chiron.

2.How does Charon realize Percy and his friends are not really dead?
When he sniffs them and finds out they are godlings.

3.How does Percy finally convince Charon to take them into the elevator?
By bribing him with drachmas.

4.What does the River Styx look like? Why does it look this way?
It looks filthy and nasty, Because humans keeps polluting

5.Describe the entrance to the Underworld.
A cross between airport security

6.If you were standing in that line, would you rather choose EZ Death and go straight to Asphodel, or risk being judged for your actions on earth?
I would choose EZ Death.

7.What is Percy’s plan to get past Cerberus? Why doesn’t it work?
To try to play fetch,Percy threw the stick in the river.

8.How does Annabeth save them? Why is she able to do this?
She plays with Cerberus, She went to obedience school.

9.What does Percy realize about monsters at the end of the chapter?
Even monsters need a little attention once in a while.

10.Do you feel sorry for Cerberus? Would you have risked playing fetch with him, if you were Annabeth?yes i would have.

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